Food Grade Conveyors

SCMF food grade conveyors offer a simple patented design that allows the conveyors to be easily and quickly cleaned and sanitized.  Greatly reducing the water and chemical consumption during the cleaning and sanitizing processes, SCMF food processing conveyors have a positive effect on the environment starting with the first cleaning.

  • Assembly line conveyors
  • Accumulation conveyors 
  • Reciprocating conveyors 
  • Sorting conveyors 
  • Incline /decline conveyors 
  • Gravity conveyors 
  • Packaging conveyors 
  • Gravity roller conveyor
  • Bakery feed conveyors 
  • Bottling conveyors 
  • Spiral up /down runner conveyors 
  • Chain conveyor
  • Live Roller conveyor / CDLR
  • Motorized roller conveyor / 24V MDR
  • Slat conveyors
  • Beam trolley systems
  • Overhead conveyor
  • Power and Free conveyors
  • Over Under conveyors
  • Inverted conveyors

Tabletop Conveyor

Steelial’s tabletop conveyors are fully adaptable and can be designed for a variety of applications. These conveyor systems are time tested and built to meet production efficiencies and goals.


Steelial has earned expertise in manufacturing reciprocators for a variety of custom sanitary applications serving the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our reciprocators are suitable for a wide range of products and can be configured with existing equipment or with additional Steelial sanitary equipment to create your desired product handling solution.

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